The Boys & Girls Club of Garfield (BGCG) is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all staff. BGCG is committed to our core principles and have taken the time to carefully review CDC, DCF, OSHA and local health official’s guidance for operating childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our BGCG Club experience will look different and due to the unprecedented landscape, we are faced with, I envision the BGCG Club experience to change frequently as we learn more about COVID-19. For BGCG to carry out our objectives and goals it is critically important for everyone to review our updated policies, adhere to our updated policies and to continue practicing proper hygiene at home.

As I mentioned above the BGCG Club experience will change, some elements will be temporary, and others will be permanent. Everything BGCG implements is for safety of the staff, children and families. Everyone has a responsibility to practice preventive actions, proper hygiene and to stay home if you are feeling sick.

It is important as we re-open for everyone to understand the policies and procedures that will be put into place as we strategically re-open to the community over the next few weeks. BGCG is closely following the Governors orders and will follow his Emergency Child Care guidelines. It is also vital for you to share with BGCG Management any underlying medical conditions you may have so we can develop a plan of action. These underlying conditions can be diabetes, lung disease, asthma, heart condition, immunocompromised, liver disease and/or kidney disease.

The Club will conduct a robust training program prior to the reopening of children so that all staff members understand the new policies put into place.

Lastly, I ask for your patience. COVID-19 is something Clubs around the Country need to deal with for the first time and our priority will be the safety and well being of our staff and children first and foremost.


2021 Summer Camp Application