Football Program

The Football Program at the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield offers an immersive experience in teamwork and strategy through Tackle Football. This program is designed to teach not only the fundamentals of the game but also to instill values of cooperation and discipline. It emphasizes regular attendance and adherence to conduct codes, ensuring a cohesive and responsible team environment. This program is perfect for youth who are passionate about football and eager to learn both on and off the field.


Season and Registration

  • Registration starts in the spring. Specific dates will be announced closer to April.
  • The season runs for 15 weeks beginning in July. 
  • Membership: Sports Membership is $15 for the entire season. Youth must be Garfield residents to participate. 
  • Cost: The Football program is priced at $185.
  • Registration: All youth must have an active Sports Membership to participate. Enrollment is completed via the Parent Portal only. 
  • Prices are subject to change at any time. 
Code of Conduct

Adherence to the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield’s Code of Conduct as well as the City of Garfield’s Code of Conduct is mandatory.

Attendance and Commitment

Regular attendance is crucial for team cohesion.


Specific practice schedules are determined by the coaches after registration. Once the youth are registered, the assigned coach will communicate the youth’s practice schedule. Our main offices will not be able to communicate specific schedules. For more information or if you have questions or concerns, please contact our coaches at

Equipment and Uniforms
  • All players must provide a $75 equipment deposit via cash, check, or money order only. Parents must volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours in addition to returning the equipment in the same condition as received to receive their deposit back. The condition of the equipment is determined by the coaches. 
  • Players must provide certain personal equipment; details will be specified.
  • No uniform personalization is allowed.
Age Requirements
  • Entering 1st through 8th grade.
  • Must not be turning 15 years of age during the season period.
  • Must be at least 6 years of age.