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Join Our Team

Discover your opportunity to make a difference at the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield. We offer a range of career paths, each contributing uniquely to our mission of guiding young people towards realizing their full potential. The Main/Midland Ave Site (ages 5-14) and the 21st CCLC Site (Garfield Middle School youth) offer unique platforms for impactful work.

Why Work With Us

Joining our team offers a unique blend of professional growth and community impact. Our supportive environment fosters development, ensuring every role significantly contributes to our mission of enriching young minds. Team members not only influence local youth positively but also gain valuable professional development, enhancing their future career prospects.

Application Process

  • Apply: Begin your journey by applying for your chosen role. Can’t find an opening that matches your background and experience? Submit a general application
  • Interview: Suitable candidates will be invited for an interview to further explore their fit with the team.
  • Reference Checks: Expect your references to be thoroughly checked to ensure alignment with our values and standards.

Onboarding Requirements

  • Background and Medical Checks: Complete a full biometric background check, including fingerprints, and a medical examination to ensure you are fit to work with children, including being clear of tuberculosis.
  • Identification Verification: New team members are required to present two forms of identification, including a Social Security Card. This is crucial for ensuring a secure and trustworthy hiring process.
  • Comprehensive Training: Completion of full training, as mandated by the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) and state regulations, is necessary. This training equips our staff with the skills and knowledge to provide the best care and support to our youth.

Looking to intern or volunteer?

Our intern and volunteer onboarding process mirrors that of our staff, maintaining a consistent approach for all participants. Key aspects include:

Application & Background Checks: Interns and volunteers undergo an application process similar to our staff. While W4s and I9s are not required, a thorough background and medical check is mandatory. For volunteers under 18, alternative background checks are conducted.

Training: All interns and volunteers complete the same comprehensive training as our staff, in line with BGCA and state requirements.

This process ensures a safe, professional environment for everyone involved. *All employment and recurring volunteer opportunities are available for youth ages 16 and Up* 

Contact Information

Find a variety of roles at both our Main/Midland Ave Site and the 21st CCLC Site, each with the potential to inspire and nurture our youth.

  • Midland Ave Site: Sarah Deperi, sdeperi@bgcgarfield.org, 973-478-7662 Ext. 203
  • 21st Century Site: Rosa Lo Cascio, rlocascio@bgcgarfield.org, 862-379-7049/7048

Explore these opportunities at Career Opportunities and join a team dedicated to shaping a brighter future for our youth.