Coaches Association

Welcome to Our Coaches Association

At the Boys & Girls Club of Garfield, our Coaches’ Association is dedicated to instilling core values like good sportsmanship, safety, honesty, loyalty, and teamwork in our young athletes. With over 60 volunteer coaches, our association is a testament to community commitment, providing guidance in sports such as Tackle Football, Cheerleading, Basketball, and Volleyball.

Our Mission

We believe in nurturing more than just athletic skills. Our focus is on shaping the future adults of our community, understanding that while winning is great, developing character and team spirit is paramount.

Our Impact

Annually, our coaches positively influence over 500 youths, demonstrating the profound impact of volunteerism and mentorship in sports.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of our young athletes.

2024 Coaches Association Board

President –Iris Ortega

1st Vice President – Kinga Gomez

Treasurer – Jill Giordano

Email Address –